Bedroom, designed for a perfect rest

A good rest each night is essential to start the next day in a good mood. In addition, we spend a third of our life in our bed! Discover in this article some tips to arrange your room for a perfect rest.

Choice of bed, mattress and pillow

It is very important to invest in a comfortable, durable bed, mattress and box spring to avoid or reduce back problems.

The pillow is also an important element to create peaceful nights. Opt for one that surrounds your head and on which your neck and shoulders do not slip. A pillow that heats up very quickly can cause problems if you sweat a lot or if you do not fall asleep easily. Call a professional!

Room temperature

As soon as you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. The body knows how to maintain the body temperature constant, provided that the one of the room is not very different. If there is a big difference between the two temperatures, your body does not succeed in creating the perfect temperature and it causes a bad rest.

The ideal temperature of the room is between 17 and 21 degrees. Never turn on the heat, but opt ​​for an extra duvet.

Clean air and airy room

The easiest way to purify the air in your room is to plant a plant. But do not choose any plant! Some remove oxygen while others give in, think of Sanseverias. They convert carbon monoxide into oxygen.

An airy room is also essential, mainly to fight mites, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere. Bring sunlight into places where dust mites are found (damp places like a carpet, a pillow, a mattress, …).


Invest in blackout curtains. An excess of light disturbs the rhythm of sleep which is really unhealthy.

Pleasant aroma

Some aromas have a really nice effect in the room:

  • Mint: refreshing
  • Lemon: purificatory and disinfectant
  • Ginger: warming
  • Cinnamon: stimulant
  • Eucalyptus: purificatory, effective treatment for respiratory problems
  • Citrus: improves mood and fights depressions
  • Lavender: relaxing

Choose the right colors

Colors have a great influence on our mood. Below you find their effects according to Feng Shui (naturally, the choice of a color is also a personal thing):


This color exudes tranquility and freshness, perfect for rooms where you can relax. Blue is also associated with comfort and peace.


Black is a very stylish color and the color of the night. It gives a character and depth to the room. But do not exaggerate and opt for a few touches of black. An excess of this color creates an alienating effect.


Green symbolizes growth, harmony and fertility. This a fresh and relaxing color.


This color exudes energy and makes us think of the earth and nature. A relaxing color.


Red symbolizes the energy of the sun and life. This color is linked with strength and happiness. Also avoid using too much red, it creates aggression, anger and agitation.


This color must be used in a sparing way. Purple is a royal color that refers to spirituality.


If the red is too strong, you can opt for the orange! It’s a warm color that exudes cheerfulness.


Yellow is also a color that exudes cheerfulness. Yellow is related to youth, tolerance and authority.


White symbolizes purity and innocence.

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