Big mistakes in the interior to avoid

Want to change your interior? Before committing the irreparable, discover the pitfalls to avoid in the layout of your home.

Mistakes to avoid in the dining room

1             Do not respect the dimensions of the dining room

Avoid going to a furniture store without measuring your room. With a good plan, it is easier to soak up the space.

2             Choose the decoration before the furniture

It is recommended that you first think about your furniture before selecting the paint color or wallpaper pattern. If you do this inversely, you have to match your furniture to a specific pattern, which restricts your choice.

3             Overload furniture

In a small dining room, it should be limited to a low dresser, a table and chairs. If it is a larger dining room, you can still add a showcase to the set.

4             Make a bad choice of materials for furniture

Glass, veneer, ceramic, wood, … everything is of course possible according to your tastes and your budget. But be careful: some materials are more fragile than others. If you have children, avoid tables in glass or lacquered wood!

Mistakes to avoid in the living room

1             Put the TV in the foreground

The living room is the place of conviviality! Think first about your lifestyle with family or friends in the living room. Your deep desires like to discuss, to receive, to read, … are to be taken into account in priority.

2             Neglecting the seating comfort of your sofa

It is important that you sit comfortably on your couch. So be sure to choose a sofa and chairs that do not lack comfort. Make sure the seat is deep enough and soft enough.

3             Overload the living room

As for the dining room, we must also avoid overloading the living room. This room must remain airy and spacious.

4             Do not respect the proportions

As mentioned before, one of the biggest mistakes to make is to combine furniture with different proportions. By doing this, you create a visual break effect and this harms the harmony of the living room.

Errors to avoid in the bedroom

1             Neglecting the place of the bed

The place of the bed in the bedroom is not always the best for a good sleep. Position it away from the door and against a wall.

2 To             sine on the bed

If your bed is not comfortable at all, the room will never be a nice room. Do not save on cost or dimensions.

3             Choosing false colors

Colors affect our mood and our sleep. Therefore prefer light colors to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The bluish, green and pink tones are perfect!

4             The office in the room

The work should be away from the bed so as not to disturb sleep with the worries of the day. If you do not have a separate room, enclose the sleeping area with an alcove or screen.

General errors

1             Lay the furniture against the wall

We usually put the furniture against the wall. Not a good idea! Put it at a distance of a few centimeters to create depth. By sticking the furniture to the walls, you do not gain space. The visual effect will be better if you move your furniture away from a wall.

2             Little contrast

The interior is inexpressive when there is little contrast. To correct this, there are several methods available: paint a wall in a bright color, use patterns and textures (with / without relief, smooth / rough).

3             Choosing the wrong colors

Bad colors are often used in the interior. When you have a small space, it is not recommended to paint the walls in dark colors because these colors reduce the room. Opt for a light color. Never paint the ceiling in a dark color as it gives a feeling of claustrophobia.

4             Use too many colors

If too many colors are used, it can happen that we lose the eye-catching effect. It’s too chaotic!

5             Too much lighting

In some interiors, too much lighting is used. Unfortunately, this lighting does not improve the atmosphere, especially in spaces where conviviality prevails.

6             Disorder

Probably the most common mistake is the disorder in the house. There are stays that are characterized by several decorations like vases, figurines, etc.

The interior must offer enough passage space!

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