Brighten the interior with frames on the wall

Painting, paintings, stickers or frames: we can not neglect the wall decoration because it will vibrate the decor of a room. Very trendy ! The accumulation of frames on the same wall is a good idea to display your desires and create a truly unique atmosphere. Let yourself be guided by our tips to decorate your wall with style without taste.

How to use frames?

The frames affirm the style of an interior and provide the finishing touch of a successful decor. However, it is not always easy to find an adequate layout to hang them. Multiple frames are the solution to brighten a wall too dark. Here are some tips for you to create a harmonious whole.

A band with frames

From now on, only one frame is not enough anymore! Draw a strip of frames on the wall, it’s a nice way to decorate a room! For a successful composition, it is best to set the proper height. Note that it is advisable to hang them at eye level (about 1.6 m from the ground). For more effect, install the tape with frames in a place of passage.

A band with frames has only a decorative function, my also a practical function! By aligning the frames horizontally, you can lengthen the missing parts. On the contrary, if you align the frames vertically, you will increase the ceiling height effect.

A combination of frames to shelves

You create a stylish composition by hanging beautiful black and white frames and boxes as a shelf.

A mix of frames with mirrors

To create diversity, you can mix frames with mirrors but also sizes, styles of frames and their meaning (horizontal or vertical). This combination makes the composition a joyful live fixture.

Symmetrical composition

For a graphic and clean result, you have the option to hang your frames with symmetry (for example 9 identical frames that have been fixed in a square above a sofa). A symmetrical wall of frames perfectly decorates the top of a low furniture.

Put frames on shelves

Frames you can put them on shelves of different sizes. Alternate frame sizes while maintaining a color unit.

A band with frames

Draw a strip of frames on the wall, it’s a nice way to decorate a room!

Attach only white frames

You can also create frames of the same tone. For example white frames that are based on a white wall.

Overlay empty frames

This way of decorating does not lack originality! There are people who overlay empty frames to create an arty composition.

Install floor frames

Another way to decorate your home with frames is to install them on the floor. You also create an arty spirit by placing frames on the floor, it is no longer a question of hanging only frames on the wall.

It’s like an artist’s studio.

Shaped layout

You can also group the frames in square, rhombus, heart, rectangle, … The idea is simple: gather the frames of an imaginary form that one discovers while looking at the whole. For this layout, start by placing the largest frames at the strategic points and complete the layout using smaller models.

Errors to avoid

Error 1 – Hanging frames on patterns

Go on a plain wall. It is absolutely necessary to avoid a wall lined with reasons.

Mistake 2 – Opting for a narrow wall

Do not make a composition of frames on a narrow wall and avoid an overloaded effect in the room.

Error 3 – Do not think about the result

To create a harmonious whole on your wall, you have to think about the result before starting to fix the frames! Prepare your composition on the floor or tape wall leaves the size of your frames. By doing this you will certainly find the ideal layout!

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