Buying a good mattress

Choosing your mattress is very important! When we have to replace it, we do not always know the criteria that must be taken into account. Read our tips and advice that will support you in the purchase of your mattress.

Body support

An optimal mattress supports the weight of the body properly: a comfortable and effective support, but the natural curvature of the spine must be respected! An optimal mattress conforms to the shape of your body for a good weight distribution on the surface. Before buying a mattress, it is really necessary to try it. The thickness can not be less than 12 cm.

The suspension of the mattress

Three technologies exist concerning the suspension of a mattress: latex, foam and springs.

Spring mattress

A spring mattress is the most comfortable. There are several types of springs

Pocket springs

Each spring is wrapped in an individual bag and reacts independently. This mattress adapts to different parts of the body. The price is higher but is justified by its advantages: great comfort, good aeration, long life and independence of sleeping

Pair a spring mattress with a slatted frame for optimal sleeping nights!

Biconical springs

These traditional springs are less and less used since they have shown their limits. The shape of the person influences the longevity of the mattress.

Multi-turn springs

This mattress provides seamless, continuous support with steel wire alone. The big disadvantage of the multi-coil spring mattress is to offer no sleeping independence.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses are most often chosen for firm support and are less expensive than memory foam or latex mattresses. You have to differentiate between different types of foam:

Polyether foam

These closed cell mattresses are typically used for entry level mattresses or secondary mattresses. This type is sufficient for non-intensive use.

Memory foam

The shape memory mattress is composed of a heat-sensitive foam. This means that it will react according to the heat of the room and the body. But the big advantage of this material – the principle of reaction to heat – can turn into a disadvantage: on the one hand in case of excessive heat of the body, you sweat in the mattress that will act as envelope and secondly in case of an unheated room, you will sleep on a block of concrete

Polyurethan foam

These open cell mattresses have a higher density than the polyether. This type is firmer but is not recommended in places with high humidity.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses (natural or synthetic) offer the best comfort and really adapt to the shape of the person. This mattress is one of the best ventilated mattresses and therefore perfect for people who sweat a lot or for places with high humidity.

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