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Airconditioners or AC’s as they are commonly called are man-made household appliance to make the indoors – offices, homes, schools, hospitals and other such places– comfortable and suitable for work and stay in the hot and sultry summers when the temperatures outside are sky rocketing. Not only do air conditioner decrease the temperatures indoor to human comfort levels, it also dehumidifies the air which in other words mean that the air is dried inside the rooms when the humidity levels outside are high which cause sweating.

The technology is simple – a refrigerant, the ‘Freon’ gas chemically known as dichlorodifluoromethane changes its states from liquid to its gaseous state when compressed and then condenses back to its liquid form in one complete cycle of conditioning the air. The refrigerant moves from the Evaporator unit to the Compressor Unit from where it goes to the Condenser and enters back the expansion unit in this one cycle.

As the hot air inside the room enters the Evaporator unit of the air conditioners, the heat of the air forces the refrigerant to vaporize thereby making the indoor air cooler. The compressor of the AC’s further compress these vapors and once they reach the condensing unit they are forced to change back to their liquid form thereby radiating the heat absorbed to the external environment. In the final stage the liquid then enters the expansion unit where they expand and then the process of absorbing heat from the air starts again.

With the basic functioning and technology the same, there are three types of air conditioners:-

  1. Window AC
  2. These are the ones fitted onto the windows of the rooms in our houses and offices.
  3. These AC’s consume more power as compared to the other two
  4. They are suitable to cool a smaller area or space as comparatively
  5. Window Ac’s are generally manufactured up to 2 tons capacity.

  1. Split AC:
  2. These AC’s have 2 units – the Evaporator unit is fitted inside the house whereas the Compressor and the Condenser units are fixed outside the house
  3. They are more energy efficient
  4. These AC’s are suitable for bigger rooms and office spaces
  5. For these AC’s there is no limit on the capacity since the compressor and the condenser are placed outside the room.
  6. It is always prudent to buy two 5 ton split AC in case the room requires a 3 ton cooling system

  1. Inverter AC:
  2. Is a form of Split AC
  3. Most energy efficient
  4. After having cooled the inside air to the desired temperature, the compressor in this type does not switch off and again switch on after some time; rather it keeps running at a varying cooling capacity

Air Conditioner Price

Window AC’s are priced much lower than the Split AC’s and the Inverter models, with all other parameters constant. Take an example, the Llyod 1.5 ton Split AC costs Rs. 27999/- whereas the window AC from Llyod, 1.5 ton capacity costs Rs. 23990/-. Both are rated at 3 stars.

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