Choosing the bed for your child

There are many bed models for children’s rooms, but depending on age, the types of beds differ. Sleeping in good conditions will help the child to increase his concentration.


The transition from crib to classic bed (‘big bed’) can be dangerous if you do not install removable sides for a while.


Choose an evolutionary bed if you are afraid that your little one feels a little lost in a big classic bed. It is a good solution to evolve quietly! The expandable expandable bed makes it possible to adapt the dimensions of the bedding to the size of the child. A good budget item that will save you from having to quickly change your child’s bed.


The bunk bed or loft is perfect for small rooms. It allows to optimize the space. However, these beds are not recommended for children under 6 years old although they arouse the interest of children who see it as a game (up the ladder). When you are sure your little one is old enough to have a bunk bed, make sure the top bed is equipped with safety bars.


It is best to buy a pull out bed for children under 6 years old. This bed provides additional storage and gives the organization sense to children. It is important to teach them from a very young age notions of storage.

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