Today it is easy to get information on different topics. Internet sites and social networks quickly provide information to people who are wondering, for example, about the theme of the garden. They also allow to exchange for advice and find solutions as soon as possible. However, it is not easy to have real discussions on social networks. For this reason, community platforms are becoming more popular with people who surf the Internet and are looking for answers to their questions. In fact, if many tips circulate on gardening sites, some people need personalized advice for specific situations. The interest of a community platform is to share content about thelandscaping or garden maintenance according to several criteria: types of plants, regions concerned, problems encountered …

What community platform to discuss the theme of the garden?

The community platform provides the opportunity to have a deeper dialogue, unlike social networks (Facebook and Twitter in particular). It can present content in the form of videos or articles. From grandma’s advice to ecological solutions, the forums are designed to converse with passionate people or help each other in the field of gardening. We can mention the forum sites and to converse on the themes of gardening (garden, landscaping, planting …) and DIY. Platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion give the opportunity to share videos to present tutorials: how to plant flowers or shrubs, what kind of soil to prefer, etc. People can then write comments and other tips from users. Finally, the social network Jardening makes it possible to be put in relation with gardeners and to give its opinion on the delivery of these last ones in order to inform the other users of the platform.

The community platform is increasingly developed by brands to better interact in all areas, including the garden, a real place to relax.

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