Evaporative Cooling vs Air Conditioning

There are generally considered to be two forms of cooling available to any home or commercial office; the evaporative cooler and the traditional air conditioning system. Both devices are great ways to lower the temperature of an internal space when the mercury starts to rise.

Most people will have an opinion on which is the better form of cooling so we’re going to explore both arguments and point you in the right direction so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Air Conditioning?

Starting with a system that most people will be familiar with; air conditioning is another term for comfort cooling or essentially any HVAC system that cools or increases the temperature of an internal space by the use of refrigerant.

The typical AC system will have a compressor and a condenser which is designed to extract energy from external air before using that energy to either heat or cool the air within your home. Think of AC as one large air exchange system where air circulates through a blower before being converted to a desired temperature.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling on the other hand uses no refrigerant whatsoever. Rather than heat exchange, warm air is passed over a wet surface which in turn cools the air down. This air can then be directed where it is desired to provide a comfortable temperature for a room’s occupants.

It should be noted that this type of system is cooling only and cannot be used to heat an internal space.

Which System is Better?

The biggest factor for consideration for the type of system that you should purchase it based on whether you live in a dry or humid environment. For an evaporative cooler to work properly, the air passing through it needs to be as dry as possible, ideally at a level of humidity of no more than 60%.

This means that you would be far better suited to an air conditioning system if you live in a warm but humid environment.

  • Energy Efficiency

A big point for consideration for most people will be whether one type of cooling is more cost efficient to run than another. In this case, your average evaporative cooler is going to cost much less to run than an equivalent air conditioning system.

This is because there is no condenser or compressor to worry about which is where the bulk of electricity consumption comes from.

  • Maintenance

Both types of cooling system require minimal amounts of maintenance. Both systems make use of filters which need to be cleaned periodically but AC systems will also require a top up of refrigerant every now and again, especially if an older system. For this reason, evaporative cooling repairs are usually cheaper; there is simply much less to go wrong. If you require effective cooling on a budget, this may well be the right system for you.

Hopefully you’re now in a much better position to buy the right cooling system for your home or office. The key is in determining the average levels of humidity for your locality.

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