Fall for a convertible sofa

Are you ready to buy a new sofa to beautify your living room? You are spoiled for choice with all the models on offer: two or three seats, corner sofas, fabric or leather, fixed or convertible, … If the additional sleeping option knows how to seduce you, we offer the sofa bed !

The benefits of a convertible sofa

1 Optimize the game: win an extra bed

When you live in a small home, buying a sofa bed is the right solution! This sofa allows to enter in the same room a sofa and a bed. A saving of space that is possible thanks to the double function of the sofa bed.

2 Low price

The advantage is not only practical, a sofa bed can save money on the purchase of a bed.

3 Very practical

The convertible sofa folds and unfolds very easily. You have a bed very quickly. There are also models with storage for quilts and cushions below the mattress.

How to choose your sofa?

Several types of sofas

Convertibles are distinguished into two categories:

  • SOFA – BEDThe sofa bed encloses the mattress in the sill. This sofa has a backrest and a seat well separated from the mattress and unfolds in the blink of an eye.
  • CONVERTIBLE BENCHThe convertible bench is also very practical for small spaces. The folded mattress is the very structure of the sofa (seat and back included). Folded, the click clac occupies more surface to the wall because its length corresponds to that of the mattress.

Choice of mattress

The mattress is the most important piece of the convertible sofa.

  • MATTRESS MATERIALMemory foam is ideal for anyone who wants maximum comfort and support. This foam allows you to absorb the weight of the person and to resume its shape immediately. Polyurethane foam is recommended to combine firmness and flexibility. Ideal for an occasional sleeping! A latex mattress allows good ventilation and flushes moisture.
  • THICKNESS OF THE MATTRESSA predominant criterion for comfort is the thickness. For an extra bed a mattress of 6 cm is enough. If sleeping is common, it is important to choose a mattress larger than 10 cm. For daily use, the mattress should be 15 cm thick.

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