Gardening tip # 1: When to plant potatoes?

Look at the lilac around you. If it is in flower, it indicates that the soil is warm enough and that you can plant your potatoes. You do not have Lilac in your garden? Plan to fix it next fall and in the meantime, watch the lilacs around.

Gardening Tip # 2: Are your young dahlias still devoured by slugs?

Pour hemp mulch on your dalhias bulbs: make a cake at least 7 centimeters thick. Slugs hate the smell of hemp.

Tip gardening n ° 3: Should we always remove the bulbs of dahlias at the end of the season?

You can leave them in the ground but it will be necessary, at the plantation, to bury the dahlias to 25 cm of depth to avoid the contact of the gel.

Gardening tip # 4: How to plant tomatoes even in a greenhouse?

Plant the clump of ungrafted tomatoes with a 45 ° incline, butt the mother stem to promote root development (this technique does not apply to grafted tomatoes).

Gardening tip # 5: When to practice the size?

The rule is simple: the size is right after the flowering! Opt for a clean and disinfected pruning shears.

Gardening tip # 6: When to water the plants outside?

It should be watered in the morning as long as there is risk of frost, in the evening when it is hot.

Gardening tip # 7: To make fruiting easier

Install flowering meadows in orchards and near vegetable gardens to attract pollinating insects.

Gardening tip # 8: To limit the size of lilacs

Collect the lilac flowers as they grow, plus, you will scent the whole house and the terrace!

Gardening tip # 9: How to have big fruits?

Limit the number of fruits and you will increase the quality! Remove one fruit out of three.

Gardening tip # 10: To have vegetables with more taste

All you have to do is harvest the trained but young vegetables.

Grandfather stuff or Grandma’s tricks, it’s great! And you, you have others?

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