A terrace in pallets must be solid, otherwise it will cause accidents. You will have to choose robust pallets. Choose pallets used for storing materials that you will find on a construction site or in a DIY store. They are indeed thick and therefore very solid. Generally, they are also processed to be used outdoors. The ideal is to sand the pallets well before making your terrace. You will also need a jigsaw, a level, cleats, nails and a hammer.

Lay the pallets

Before you begin, make sure the floor surface is level. The ideal is to make a bed composed of sand and gravel. To work more easily, you can draw the outline of your terrace before proceeding with the installation of the pallets. To make the base of the terrace, use pallets of identical height. Make the necessary cuts so that the palettes follow the contours of your terrace. Check that each pallet is horizontal using a level. If you have a beautiful space, finish by sowing a grass  on the outskirts of your terrace: it will be the most beautiful effect!

Make the floor

To make the floor of your terrace in pallets, you can disassemble additional pallets or use cleats. Just cut them out using the jigsaw. Place them in the interstices of the pallets which constitute the base of the terrace and fix them by nailing them. The laying of the first line is the most delicate. It will ensure the proper alignment of the pallets. You can give more character to your terrace by mixing the widths, but also the wood species.


To properly protect your deck in a pallet, simply mix 4 volumes of linseed oil with 1 volume of turpentine. You can add a little walnut husk to give a dark hue to the wood. Then apply with a brush. You can use pallets to create a screen or a green wall that will beautify your deck. You just have to install your garden furniture

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