Innovative Playing Surfaces for All Sports

If there’s one thing that cannot be in dispute, it is that technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, and the modern approach to sports playing surfaces offers an alternative to traditional grass. Artificial sports surfaces first emerged in the 1970s when Astroturf was launched, and for the very first time sports could be played on an artificial surface. The synthetic playing surfaces of today offer a non-slip surface that behaves as grass would, therefore not impeding the players in any way, and as the pitch is playable in all weathers, postponements are a thing of the past.

School Participation

Many schools are looking to provide a safe area for young children to play, and with state of the art rubber softfall playgrounds, you have the ideal surface. The non-slip rubber surface is extremely porous and can be used right after a heavy downpour, and with no puddles to worry about, the children can play and explore in safety. Tennis and basketball courts are also available, and if your school lacks the safety of artificial playing surfaces, there are online suppliers who are very experienced in working with a range of artificial surfaces.

Soccer and AFL Pitches

Both of these sports have been adopted by Australian society, and with a synthetic surface expert, you can have the best of both worlds with a playing surface that is maintenance free, your running costs will see a significant saving. When you calculate how many times the pitch would need cutting in a single season, then add to that the line marking, which must be carried out before every game, and you have a considerable saving.

Sports Accredited

This is the big test for any synthetic playing surface, and when organisations like the AFL complement the pitch, you know the quality must be very high. Whatever the sport or outdoor pursuit, it is well worth talking to the synthetic surface provider before making any firm decisions, and if you are looking at the long-term benefits, a synthetic pitch wins hands down every time.

A Safer Surface

From a safety point of view, a synthetic surface ticks all the boxes, as there is no risk of stones underfoot, something that is always a possibility, and a sliding tackle could cause a player serious injury. There has been a lot of time and money spent on the technical development of today’s synthetic playing surfaces, and just about every sport can take advantage of using a surface that requires zero maintenance and is porous enough to ensure the pitch is never waterlogged.

Ground maintenance has always been a significant cost in the management of any sports facility, and with synthetic playing surfaces, nothing is lost and many things are gained. Whatever your requirements, an online search will put you in touch with the experts, and with their help, you can transform your playing surfaces with a maintenance free solution.

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