Optimize the layout of your kitchen

The activity triangle

This triangle of activity is one of the pillars of kitchen design. It combines the three essential functions in the kitchen: cooking (hotplate, microwave and oven), washing (sink and dishwasher) and storing (freezer and refrigerator).

Kitchen shaped ‘I’

With an ‘I’ arrangement, all elements (fridge, sink and hob) are positioned on a single line. It is better to put the sink in the center since it is used the most. To create enough workspace, it is better to have a 300cm worktop. This plan can be interrupted by the sink and the hob. Note that for ease in the kitchen, it takes a minimum of 1m80 in width. This type of plan is suitable for kitchens ‘corridor’, ideal for a small space.

Examples:  Alina


  • no need to think how to exploit the angles;
  • ideal layout when the kitchen opens onto the living room or the living room.

The inconvenients

  • the triangle of activity is not respected;
  • small surface for cooking because the worktop is interrupted by the sink, the coffee machine, etc.

‘U’ shaped kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen – spread over 3 walls – perfectly occupies the space and adapts to open or closed kitchens in the living room or living room. It allows you to have everything at your fingertips for cooking. You can keep the appliance in the corners on the worktop.

Examples:   Tania , Tessina Sienna , Map White Star , Plan Bleu Win


  • the activity triangle is respected;
  • large worktop surface;
  • possibility to maximize storage.

The inconvenients

  • arranging corners is a challenge (impractical in terms of accessibility).

Kitchen shaped L

The ‘L’ kitchen is the most classic and suitable for all sizes of space.

Examples:  Colorado Tessina , Flora , Star Red , Star gray


  • the activity triangle is respected;
  • possible to install the kitchen under a window (if all tall furniture is concentrated on one side);
  • ideal for installing a dining area (but do not choose too large seats!).

The inconvenients

  • corner processing is complex (impractical in terms of accessibility);
  • not recommended when you have a narrow room.

Kitchen in parallel

This type of kitchen is suitable for closed kitchens from 10 to 15m. Two walls facing each other are equipped. The minimum width between these two walls must be 1m20.

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