The secrets of a Scandinavian interior

The Scandinavian style was born in the ’30s. In recent years, we find this Scandinavian style in many homes. And why not ? His pampering spirit and sweetness create an atmosphere of conviviality!

The color white

White is the color of choice for a Scandinavian style. It is appreciated for the great brightness it brings to space.

Pastel colors

If you find the white too neutral, you can apply some pastel paint accents. Superb!


All Scandinavians love nature! Natural materials are therefore predominant in Scandinavian interiors; think of wood, one of the keys of this style of interior. Also do not hesitate to brighten your home with flowers and plants.

Furniture with clean lines

A Scandinavian style does not agree at all with the superfluous. The lines are pure and simple; they give the interior a certain elegance. Opt for clean furniture.

Cocooning spirit

A cocooning spirit is important in a Scandinavian interior. It is necessary to play with subtlety between a cocooning atmosphere and design lines and this translates into a sweet life that you create with furniture dedicated to relaxation.

Animal sweetness

In many Scandinavian interiors you will find sheepskin rugs, it brings a lot of warmth!

Importande of natural light

In much of Scandinavia, the number of hours of sunshine is limited during the winter months. It is for this reason that many houses in Scandinavia are characterized by huge windows so that the sun’s rays can enter. If you do not have many windows in your house, you can capture the sun’s rays with mirrors that will reflect natural light. In addition, by doing this, you also create the impression of having a larger piece.

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