Tips for an interior that breathes tranquility

Each of us has a very active life: working every day, taking the kids to school, cooking, seeing friends and family. It is therefore important to return to a home that breathes tranquility. Read our tips below and start creating your own piece ‘zen’.

Soothing colors are essential

The use of colors in an interior is essential to create a relaxed atmosphere. Many different colors or bright colors make a room too busy. This is not really advisable if you want to promote tranquility! Opt for colors that make you comfortable.

Dark colors

Natural light is absorbed by the dark colored walls. So the room looks smaller, but more user-friendly.

Clear colors

Clear colors have the great advantage of enlarging and refreshing the room. They also reflect natural light which makes the room more vivid. The best is to combine dark and light colors at a time. For example, we advise you to paint the wall where the TV is placed in a dark color so that you do not tire your eyes too much.

Lighting and the room

In a relaxed interior, lighting and room are two important elements. It is for this reason that narrow corridors and small rooms and doors are avoided. In this way we create a sense of space.

Less is more

A soothing interior requires a minimum of very modern furniture. Opt for a furniture made of natural material because it also creates calm.

The slogan ‘Less is more’ or ‘Simplicity is preferable to complexity’, is not only valid for furniture but also for accessories. A single painting on the wall is enough, it gives inside the personality. But do not overdo it! It is also important to have cabinets as an orderly interior reflects an orderly spirit. Really zen!

Some other tips

  1. Use soft materials like a rug, a plaid, cushions, …
  2. Opt for earth colors or soft tones such as gray, beige, white, …
  3. Avoid strong lighting and let in natural light
  4. Modern and refined furniture is recommended
  5. Hide electrical appliances as much as possible
  6. Put several plants and flowers in the interior. This brings nature into the home and creates a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere.

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