tips for tidying up your interior and feeling better at home

Whether we take good resolutions or not, I believe that every beginning of the year is always synonymous with new beginnings, consciously or unconsciously. Personally I took a lot of good resolutions this year that you can find in  my article report 2017 / resolutions 2018  and I’m really excited to start this new year 😉

One of my favorite rituals in January is to block a day to make a big sorting / tidying up and rearranging my interior. It’s something that always helps me start the year off right by reviewing what I have, what I do not need and what I want to change. An interior in order helps to have a mind in order that’s for sure! Every time my apartment is tidy I breathe and I feel good but every time he is in a mess I want to throw everything out of the windows haha! Do you know that too? I did not put it in my list of resolutions but I should have: in 2018 my interior will always be tidy (or almost) to feel better!

Here are my tips for storing and organizing your home at the beginning of January:

1 – Take the time to tidy up

Personally I always block a day that I dedicate to the storage of my apartment. I do it voluntarily and I do not live this day of storage like a tare (it’s important!) But rather as an opportunity to have a tidy interior in which I will enjoy spending time and in which I I’m going to feel good We always tend to underestimate the time that the storage takes so plan wide so you do not end up with an indoor battlefield way at the end of the day if you have not completed your mission storage 🙂 It’s a good idea to to lie down in a tidy interior at the end of the day! Each time it boosts me and gives me morale!

2 – Every thing has its place!

It is very important that everything has a place in your home. If you do not know where to put something, you can be sure that this object will eventually hang out because it has no dedicated place. We all have this object that is moved from surface to surface without ever being stowed, is it? Why ? Simply because it has no assigned place where it can be stored!

3 – Boxes and labels are your friends!

I am a big fan of these Ikea boxes  that I bought in almost all sizes for my storage. They are simple but effective and suitable for all uses: I put at the same time my sheets, my makeup, my cables of iPhone and computers, my decorations of Christmas … And I label everything! A real Monica Geller haha! Each box has its label and it saves me a lot of time when I need to find something!

4 – Bye bye to all that has not been used for more than 3 months

An object that we like and that we really use is used regularly, it’s one of my rules of life! Every time I sort, I separate from all the things I have not used for more than 3 months (unless they are seasonal things of course). This is a tip that I use a lot for clothes: even if there are some pieces that I love, I think that if I do not put them at least once every 3 months is that they do not really suit me. It’s a good tip that allows me to make a regular turnover in my wardrobe 🙂

What to do with all the objects you do not want to keep? Propose them to your loved ones, donate to associations or sell them on Vinted, Le Bon Coin or eBay!

5 – Use all available space

I swear by this rule, probably because spaces are small in Paris and it is essential to maximize its space. I installed shelves above my dressing room to maximize the space to the ceiling, hooked pegs on the sides of my dresser to hang my handbags and-my favorite tip- I raised my bed buying feet higher to maximize space under our bed and store our clothes off season. So that these storage spaces are not visible under the bed, I then bought  a nice bed-skirt  : TA-DAM! Unsuspecting to know that there is plenty under our bed! You can read more about how I store and store my clothes from one season to another in this article.

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